Ratefd.com Survey – Family Dollar Guest Experience Survey

The Family Dollar Guest Satisfaction survey at “Ratefd Survey” is conducted by InMoment company on behalf of Family Dollar. Family Dollar conducts surveys to understand its client’s needs and how the company can prosper more. It is an online survey available at www.ratefd.com initiated by the company for the acquisition of its client’s valuable feedback regarding their products and services.

Take part in the Family Dollar Guest Satisfaction survey (Ratefd.com), and share your suggestions and critiques on their products and services. The company is curious to know the opinions of its loyal customers, as this data will enable them to improve the quality of its products and overcome any possible flaws which are underlined by its notable customers. These changes will make your next visit to the store more enjoyable.

If you are bewildered concerning the steps, rules, and requirements of the Family Dollar Guest Satisfaction Survey, dive into this article to gather all the information about the Family Dollar Guest Satisfaction Survey at www.ratefd.com.

Family Dollar Guest Experience Survey Summary:

Survey Name Family Dollar Guest Satisfaction Survey
Survey Link www.ratefd.com
Company Family Dollar
Age Limit 18 years or above
No of Entries 1 entry per purchase receipt
Purchase Required Yes, in the case of Online entry

No, in the case of mail entry

Survey Reward $100 Family Dollar Gift Card

Start Survey

Family Dollar Guest Experience Survey Prize:

Family Dollar always acknowledges your contribution to assisting the company in its advancement and awards you with a Family Dollar Gift card worth $100. After submitting the survey successfully, you will get a chance to win a $100 Family Dollar Gift Card. You can also get smart coupons by taking part in the survey. So, what are you waiting for, start saving your money today by getting these Smart coupons from Family Dollar. They are digital coupons that you can simply redeem at checkout using just your contact number. In this way, you can do big savings on your next visit to the Family Dollar store.

How to take the Family Dollar Guest Experience Survey:

  1. First of all, purchase at the Family Dollar store and keep your receipt safely with you.
  2. Then, go to ratefd.com.
  3. Choose the language in which you want to attempt the survey.
  4. Now you need to enter the transaction ID number which is located to the right of the date and time at the bottom of your receipt. The transaction ID number is separated into four groups by spaces. Enter all the digits in the provided spaces in the same way as they are printed on your receipt.ratefd survey
  5. After entering the transaction ID, click on the ‘Start’ button.
  6. Then you need to write your age in the provided box.
  7. After that, you need to answer questions based on your recent visit to the store. Answer all the questions honestly and practically as your genuine opinion matters a lot for the company.
  8. After answering all the questions regarding your recent visit. You would be required to answer a few more questions for classification purposes. These questions are optional you can skip them. These questions include:
    • Your gender
    • Household income
    • Are you Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino?
    • What is your racial background?
    • Do you or any of your family members receive government benefits in the household receive?
  1. Then, they will ask if would you like to allow Inmoment to share your information with Family Dollar so that you might be invited to participate in other surveys in the future.
  2. After that, they will inquire about your willingness to sign up for Smart coupons and to receive special offers after completing the survey.
  3. In the end, they will ask if would you like to be entered into the contest to receive a chance to win a $100 Family Dollar Gift Card. If yes, then you will need to provide the following information:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Phone number (including area code)
    • Email address
  1. After submitting all the information, they will let you know whether you have won the Gift Card or not.

Method to enter in Family Dollar Survey by E-mail method:

  1. For that, you have to write your full name, your age, your contact number, and your email address which is in use.
  2. The subject of the mail should be: “Please enter me in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win one prize daily”.Follow the pattern given below for writing the mail:
    [Write the Month/Year] Mail-In Entry
    C/o [Write the name of the Participating Client]
    Send the mail to any one of the addresses given below:
    • 511 Avenue of the Americas, # 40 New York, NY.10011.
    • 2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200. Mississuaga, Ontario, Canada.
    • One Victoria Square, Birmingham, UK, B1 1DB.

Questions Asked in the Ratefd.com Survey:

  1. How was the behavior of the employee at the store?
  2. Were the store entrance, floors, and check-out area clean?
  3. Was there a pleasant or neutral scent in the store?
  4. Did you like the products and facilities at the store?
  5. Did you notice any maintenance issues at the store?
  6. Were the products packed in a good condition?
  7. Did you find the products properly organized on the shells?
  8. Were the employees friendly? Did they greet you?
  9. Did the employees thank you for your purchase?
  10. Was the cashier wearing a red Family Dollar shirt and a visible name tag?
  11. Were you satisfied with the speed of check-out?
  12. How often do you shop at Family Dollar?
  13. Will you recommend Family Dollar to your family and friends?
  14. Will you return to shop at the Family Dollar store?
  15. Have you downloaded Family Dollar’s mobile app?

You Must Be Having:

  • Mobile or computer with internet connection
  • Basic understanding of English or Spanish language to answer the survey questions.
  • Purchase receipt from Family Dollar store.

Requirements for Ratefd survey:

Before engaging in the survey, you must be focused on having a thorough awareness of the requirements that must be encountered for participation in the survey. For that reason, we have organized below all the requirements for participation in the Family Dollar Guest Satisfaction Survey:

  • The minimum age limit to take part in the survey is 18 years old or more.
  • You need to purchase at the Family Dollar store for online entry.
  • The survey is available for the legal residents of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, The United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, The Republic of Ireland, and Korea.
  • One survey per person per receipt.
  • You can not transfer the prize to any third person.
  • The employees of the Family Dollar store cannot participate in the survey.
  • 5-7 minutes from your busy schedule.

www.ratefd.com Family Dollar Guest Satisfaction Survey FAQs:

Do I need to purchase to participate in the ratefd survey?

Yes, you must purchase at the store for getting a receipt having the survey invitation on it. You can only attempt the survey if you are having the transaction ID which is printed at the bottom of the receipt.

But if you are taking part in the survey via email then you don’t need to make a purchase.

Will the company contact me on my phone number?

The company will never send text messages to your phone number or announce you as a winner via the online system. The company will never inquire about any of your personal financial information if you are selected as a winner. Family Dollar is not responsible for any fraudulent contact made with the participants.

Can I transfer my Gift Card to any other person?

No, you cannot transfer your gift card to anyone else.

Does the Family Dollar Guest Satisfaction Survey take too much time?

No, the Family Dollar Guest Satisfaction Survey will take only 7 minutes from your busy schedule.

About Family Dollar:

Family Dollar was founded in 1959 and today the American-owned chain of stores has around 8,100 locations in the United States of America. Family Dollar is perhaps best known for selling a variety of products at reasonable prices, and its founder name is Leon Levine. The store sells different products like clothes, cleaning supplies, home decor, and groceries.

Company Name Family Dollar
Company Link www.familydollar.com
Known For Selling different products like clothes, cleaning supplies, home decor, and groceries at reasonable prices.
Founded In 1959
Headquarters Charlotte, North Carolina
Stores 8,100 stores throughout the United States of America
Customer Care Number 1-844-636-7687
Phone Number +1 (704) 847 6961
Address 10401 Monroe Rd., Matthews, 28105, NC
Executive Offices


Post Office Box 1017

Charlotte, North Carolina 28201-1017


I hope you have understood all the basic rules, and requirements of  Ratefd Survey. So, if you want to win a $100 Family Dollar Gift Card then just visit your nearest Family Dollar store. Get your receipt to obtain the transaction ID for contesting the survey. Complete the survey and you will become one of the contenders to win the prize. Best of luck from BSG.