Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.tescoviews.com

Tesco views at www.tescoviews.com are providing you an opportunity to win £1000 gift card along with 25 points by just giving your reviews and feedback about Tesco Survey Club card. Tesco includes itself in one of the best and renowned stores in the world which are providing a wide range of grocery products including dairy.

Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey

Simply provide your feedback at Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey and get a chance to win £1000 gift card and 25 points. Tesco Survey at www.tescoviews.com always welcome the candid feedback and opinions and in regard to your time and feedback, they offer you a chance to win a huge £1000 gift card and 25 points.

Are you looking ahead to be a part of Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey? If yes, then read the article to get all your answers and to avoid any inconvenience.

Tesco Views Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.tescoviews.com: Purpose

Tesco wants to know the recent experience of its customers. List your feedback about the behavior of their staff, cleanliness standards and quality of their products. What you felt at their stores either it’s positive or negative. Tell them and get the opportunity to win.

www.tescoviews.com: Prerequisites

tesco views terms and conditions

Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey wants to fulfill the demands and wishes of their customers. For this, they introduced this survey to keep a direct eye on customer’s demand.

There are few prerequisites which you have to fulfill before you take part in Tesco Views Survey,

  • Laptop, PC or the smartphones with internet connection are important because the survey is online.
  • Tesco receipt is the most important thing for you if you want to take part in the survey. You’ll see a four digit code printed on your receipt and date of your visit. You’ll have to mention it to start your survey.
  • Moreover, you should have the basic understanding of English or Spanish.

Tesco Survey Customer Satisfaction Survey: Rules to follow

tescoviews Earn 25 Clubcard points

  • All the legal citizens of The USA and UK can become a part of the Tescoviews survey.
  • Any incomplete survey will not be considered.
  • Further, as per policy, employees, families and the representatives or agents are not eligible for the survey.
  • Age is specified for the survey. Be 18 or above for Tesco Survey.

Tesco Survey Rewards and Prizes

Tesco Survey - Win £1000 in Tesco gift card

In return for your Tesco feedback and time, Tesco offers you the following rewards.

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  • £1000 gift card.
  • 25 Tesco Survey Club Card Points

Tesco Views Survey: Guidelines

  • Browse www.tescoviews.com and start your survey. Read all the terms and conditions

Click to Start Survey

  • You’ll see a 4 digit code on your receipt. Provide the code and date of your visit.
  • Now in next step, you have to give your feedback. Answer all the questions honestly and accurately. The purpose of the survey is to make better the quality and standards for their customers. So be precise and accurate about your opinions.
  • The survey will ask you your order type, how good or bad the staff was, did you find the place clean and will you like to visit the store again. These and few more general questions will be asked, so rate your feedback carefully.
  • To get the call back in case of any win, provide valid, accurate and in use contact details. Name, address, email, number, and DOB should be accurate. So in case of any win, the company can contact you immediately.
  • Congratulation! Your Tesco Survey is complete now. You have entered sweepstakes for a win of £1000 gift card.

Useful Links for Tesco Survey (www.tescoviews.com)

  • Customer Service Representative: 0844 826 1930
  • UK contact numbers: 0800 323 4040, 0330 123 4040, 0800 323 4050, 0330 123 4050
  • Head office contact: Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco House, Shire Park, Kestrel Way, Selwyn Garden City, AL7 1GA
  • Teso Survey Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions
  • $1000 Carl’s Jr and Hardees Survey: TellHappyStar
  • Follow them on social media to keep yourself updated on the deals and other details.

I hope now you’ll not forget to take part in Tesco Views Survey at www.tescoviews.com and grab your opportunity to win £1000 gift card and 25 points. Enjoy 🙂